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Keep Deer on your Property after the Harvest

Keep Deer on your Property after the Harvest

Unless you planted rows of corn to specifically hunt over, chances are it has been harvested already and the deer that were buried in it are now looking for habitat that the cornfields once provided them. Big & J deer supplements will attract deer that are relocating from the food and cover that vanished with the standing corn.

Food is what drives deer movement. Even during the rut, the does will be looking for food and the bucks will be looking for does. Once the corn is gone, deer will be searching for another food source. It may be acorn flats, neighboring agricultural fields that have not been harvested yet, food plots or areas you have placed Big & J deer feed. Simply put, deer will be looking for new areas of food and cover once the corn is gone. Attract moving deer to areas you hunt with the long range scent attractant power of BB2, XX and The Cube.

After the corn is shelled, many of our customers tell us they start getting pictures of bucks they saw in the summer again. They thought these deer had disappeared. The deer didn’t disappear, but were hiding in the corn. After it was gone, they relocated to areas that will serve their nutritional needs. Other customers say they will see deer they have never seen on the property before. Post-harvest is a great opportunity to attract bucks from bordering properties that are looking for a food source to replace the corn, and because Big & J products are long range attractants, there is a good chance deer will flock to your supplements. Once they try it, they will be hooked and continue to use the area.  

An early corn harvest is good and bad for deer hunters. Standing corn will hold deer on your property but they are hard to hunt when they are hiding in the large fields. When it is removed, the deer are forced to the timber where they can be hunted easier as long as there is enough food. Give the deer on your property a backup food source and begin to attract more bucks when the corn is gone. Big & J deer feed placed around cover is not only a great substitute for cornfields, but it will also attract deer where you can hunt them more effectively this fall.

Attract Bucks During the Rut with Deer Feed

Attract Bucks During the Rut with Deer Feed

The rut is one of the best times to hunt mature whitetails. Big bucks throw caution to the wind and become as reckless as they will all season in their search for does ready to breed. With so much deer movement taking place, many hunters rely on random chance and hope a big deer walks by their stand. By concentrating deer in your hunting areas with a high quality deer feed that attracts big bucks, you can depend less on luck and more on predictable deer movement.

Mid-October, around most of the country, is a good time to start influencing the does’ patterns using a long-range deer attractant they cannot help but crave and visit regularly. Deer feed attractants are often overlooked by hunters as a rut tactic while calls, scents and decoys blitz the deer woods – especially in areas with high hunting pressure. But often rut hunting success comes down to hunting does and waiting for a love starved buck to show up. Put simply, does are searching for food, bucks are searching for does, and you are searching for big bucks.

Place some BB2, XX or The Cube deer feed around your stand locations and the long-range aroma and natural ingredients will attract and hold deer in your area throughout the rut. It will only be a matter of time before even the most isolated bucks show up to court the does.

The key to hunting the rut is to intercept bucks as they travel in search of a mate. With the exception of food plots and mock scrapes, deer feed is the only method hunters can force deer to go where they want them to. When using most of the other tactics, the deer dictate where we need to go to hunt them. Here is a good plan for using attractants and supplements to bring the deer to you:

1. Start conditioning the deer to visit your deer feed sites as a source for quality nutrition a few weeks before the pre-rut.

2. Place your deer attractant upwind of your stand. Back off the feed site far enough to be downwind of not only the plot but also downwind and in range of a good travel corridor or funnel. Often times a mature buck who has survived his share of hunting seasons will scent check an area without exposing himself to potential danger by traveling downwind of it.  

The key to hunting the rut is to intercept bucks as they travel in search of a mate. With the exception of food plots and mock scrapes, deer feed is the only method hunters can force deer to go where they want them to. When using most of the other tactics, the deer dictate where we need to go to hunt them. While all the other rut tactics have their place and time, the most consistent technique is to hunt near does and wait for the bucks to come.  Add the best nutritional deer supplement and attractant to your rut tool bag. And remember, review all local and state regulations regarding supplemental feeding and baiting of wildlife in your state before using deer attractants and supplements.

Deer Attractants Useful for In-Season Scouting

Deer Attractants Useful for In-Season Scouting

Using Big & J products to grow and attract trophy whitetails is one thing, but shooting these mature bucks is another. Big & J deer feeds can help you in your pursuit of hanging a trophy deer on your wall. Velvet is shedding, bachelor groups are breaking up and bucks are isolating in different areas of their home ranges. Trail cameras can help you keep tabs on the deer movement taking place as the season progresses.

Using a trail camera during the hunting season gives hunters a huge scouting advantage. You may have only one or two bucks on your hit list, and they will change their patterns and food preferences throughout the season. One consistent factor that will not change is their craving for and attraction to our deer nutritional supplements.  

If you place BB2, XX or The Cube around food sources that deer are expected to use throughout the season – acorn flats, food plots, agricultural fields and water holes – you can lure the deer in front of your camera to get photos of him. After reviewing the photos, you will be able to identify where certain buck are at certain times. Eventually, you will notice a pattern.

Deer like a variety of food sources, and even if they are visiting a primary source that provides all the nutrition they need, they will come to check out the aroma and taste of another option in the area, such as our deer attractants. It is a great way to relocate bucks after they change their routines while not contaminating the area with human activity and scent more than you have to.

Check the cameras on your way to or from hunting the area, and if you are not seeing bucks in one location, select different stand based on a rotation until you or your cameras pinpoint how the deer are using the area.

Placing Big & J products in front of your cameras will attract bucks and allow you to get pictures to help stay in touch with their movements all season long. Take advantage of the long range attracting abilities of Big & J deer supplements and use it to your deer-scouting advantage.