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  • 1 Stand...20 lb bag of BB^2....3 Bucks!!

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  • Ernie DeSantis with The Whitetail Fix pouring out some BB^2. HOLD them and GROW them!

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  • Its been a tough couple of days in South Texas, but we finally got on the deer we've been looking

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  • @rebeltim75 deer love the bb^2 strong attractant and complete ration of feed for the deer. You

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  • No bows in the a.m. we are going full auto...well at least semi! Texas Trophy Hunters Association

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Using Big and J Products During the Rut

When the rut is underway, hunters pull every trick out of their bag – Calls, decoys, scents, you name it.  Hunters can use Big and J products as another means of outmaneuvering a rutting buck.

Food attractants are often overlooked by hunters as a rut tactic.

Look at it this way: Does are hunting for food, bucks are hunting for does, and you are hunting for bucks. It makes sense to start at the beginning of that process and attract the does to your location. Hunt the does and the bucks will come. This is where BB2 and XX can help.

The intense aromas that BB2 and XX release is what will attract those does when acorns and field crops are gone or dwindling.  Hopefully, you already have stand locations around populated areas. Place out some BB2 or XX and the sweet smells and natural ingredients will attract and hold the deer in your area. It will only be a matter of time before the bucks show up to court the does.

After the does have left and head to their bedding areas, the BB2 and XX will still serve useful. Bucks will be rummaging through the woods looking for hot does. The scent left behind from the does that were feeding in the area will show up on the buck’s radar. While they are there, they may take a few chomps of the BB2 or XX themselves.

The rut is taxing on a buck and they will stop for convenient nourishment.  If you were busy, and on your way to work, you would not drive to a restaurant far off in the other direction, no matter how good it is. You would grab something quick and keep moving. The placements of BB2 are like a drive-thru for deer. They can stop quickly, get the high-energy nutrients they need and keep going, unless you serve them a side of broadhead to go with their meal.

While all the other rut tactics have their place and time, the most consistent technique is to hunt the does and wait for the bucks to come. BB2 and XX will have the does coming to you and keep them there for long periods of time, maximizing the potential for a buck sighting. Add the best nutritional deer supplement and attractant to your rut tool bag. And remember, review all local and state regulations regarding supplemental feeding and baiting of wildlife in your state before using BB2 and XX.