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It's the most powerful whitetail attractant on the market.

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What happens to BB^2 & XX if they get wet, and will they mold?

As with any organic deer nutrition material, if the conditions are right, the products will mold. Temperature, humidity, and moisture content are factors to be aware of when storing Big & J products. With proper storage however, our deer feed products mold to compromise the product's effectiveness. Proper storage of deer feed is the best way to eliminate the potential for mold.

In addition, Big & J deer attractants don't retain moisture like many other products do. A common base ingredient in whitetail deer nutrition products is flour, which retains moisture and which you won't find in Big & J products. Rain has little effect on Big & J deer feed as water passes through the product allowing it to dry out to its original form without the crusting over common to other products. Rain actually carries some of the minerals into the ground and, once the products are consumed, the deer continue to visit the location just like a mineral-lick site.

In no way will the rain affect the smell or attracting capabilities of our deer feed products!