Big & J Attractants

The Aroma is super strong. The range is super long!


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Starting at $14.99

BB2 Granular 3 sizes

Attractants are only as good as the distance deer can smell them. BB2 Granular from BIG&J is a long-range attractant.



The Cube 25lb

BIG&Jā€™s CUBE Attractant Block is a solid form of BIG&J's extremely popular BB2 that is designed to last longer in the field.



Liquid Luck 1/2gal x 2

BIG&J's LIQUID LUCK is the long-range attractant that you pour onto the ground, or onto a stump, adjacent to your stand. It will attract deer in short order!



Meltdown 1.5lb

BIG&J's MELTDOWN Mineral Mix is of a blend of minerals with less than 1% salt content. This mineral mix is highly attractive to deer and will attract them all year long.



Legit 5lb

Of the few "true" minerals, only one is also a long-range attractant ā€“ LEGIT from BIG&J. The intense apple aroma and flavor will draw deer from far and wide.


Starting at $14.99

Deadly Dust 2 sizes

DEADLY DUST is a sweet corn powder that is derived from the sweetest sweet corn hybrid available ā€“ with over 5 times the sugar content of field corn!



XX Enhance 20lb bag

Transform your corn or feed into a powerhouse attractant by adding BIG&J's XX Enhance It's a concentrated attractant designed specifically to add to corn or feed.



BIG&J Brown Trucker Hat

BIG&J Brown Trucker Hat features the company logo on the front and a mesh backing.



BIG&J Royal Trucker Hat

BIG&J Royal Hat features the company logo on the front and a mesh backing.



BIG&J Brown Short Sleeve

This brown short-sleeve T-shirt features a distressed version of the iconic BIG&J "Aroma Buck" logo on the back and a left chest logo on the front.



BIG&J Midnight Short Sleeve

This midnight blue short-sleeve T-shirt features the BIG&J "Aroma Buck" on the back and the logo centered on front.



BIG&J Gray Short Sleeve

This gray short-sleeve T-shirt features an image of a monster buck all over some BB2 on the back and the BIG&J "Aroma Buck" logo centered on front.