Big & J Attractants

The Aroma is super strong. The range is super long!


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Starting at $14.99

BB2 Granular 3 sizes

The revolutionary long-range attractant that brings the big bucks out and keeps deer on your property!



The Cube 25lb

The highest protein and lowest salt content of any consumption block available today!


Starting at $14.99

Deadly Dust 2 sizes

Supercharge ordinary field corn with DEADLY DUSTâ„¢, the attractant made from real sweet corn which is 5 times sweeter than field corn!



Liquid Luck 1/2gal x 2

Attract deer faster with the long-range attractant you pour! Perfect for the weekend hunter.



Meltdown 1.5lb

This unique mineral mix literally "melts down" when you add water, sending off vapors to attract deer.


Starting at $14.99

Legit 2 sizes

A true mineral — not just a glorifed salt — with a powerful apple aroma and flavor



Pigs-Dig-It 5lb bag

PIGS-DIG-IT is the granular long range hog attractant. The key ingredient delivers an old stinky cheese smell that drives hogs wild.



Hogs-Hammer-It 1/2gal x 2

Take advantage of the fact that hogs are attracted to pungent odors with HOGS-HAMMER-IT, the liquid long range hog attractant from BIG&J



BIG&J Royal Trucker Hat

BIG&J Royal Hat features the company logo on the front and a mesh backing.



BIG&J Gray Short Sleeve

This gray short-sleeve T-shirt features an image of a monster buck all over some BB2 on the back and the BIG&J "Aroma Buck" logo centered on front.



BIG&J Sticker

Size: 4 x 4⅝"
White edge is the paper backing of sticker