Big & J Attractants

The Aroma is super strong. The range is super long!


You’ll never go back!


Jason Peterson Into the WILD TV

"I have never seen a product work so well in attracting deer to a new setup, let alone seeing new, different bucks every day. Big and J's BB2, is an amazing product, and when they say it's a long range attractant, it's exactly what they mean."


Nate Flynn Heartland Bowhunter TV

“I put BB2 in front of my cameras on the wide-open terrain in North Dakota and can attract deer from extremely long distances because it has such a strong smell. It will draw in every deer in a huge area to my cameras and keep them coming back for more.”


Brandon Hunt Struttinbucks TV

"Nothing is better at attracting and holding mature bucks than BIG&J Products!"


Heath Graham Struttinbucks TV

"Hunting heavily pressured deer in the south I need every advantage I can get, BIG&J gives me that advantage."


Shawn Luchtel Heartland Bowhunter TV

"BIG&J’s variety of products help me attract and hold deer on my farms year round."


Kenneth Lancaster Antler Insanity

"Instead of spending so much time scouting, I let BIG&J do it for me. With the long-range smell it will attract deer that you’d normally not see. You can create spots to hunt deer and put them where you want."


Bryan Stevens Heartland Heritage TV

"I have to admit that I had never really believed in the benefits of any type of long-range attractant such as this. I certainly learned about them by using a good quality attractant, so special thanks to BIG&J"


Chuck Weldon Whitetail Fix TV

"For the last 6 years I have implemented supplemental feeding of free ranging whitetails. I have tried various feeds, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to BB2 from BIG&J did I realize what I was missing! I can honestly say that I have never had more deer at the feeder and have never seen the increase in body condition and antler size as I did this past year when feeding BB2! Not only is it an amazing attractant but it is a perfect fit for my feeding program!"