BB² Enhance™

The Next Level of Deer Nutrition

Only BB² Enhance contains protein-boosting amino acids, which help deer realize full benefit of protein, and organic chelated trace minerals, which are far better absorbed by deer than inorganic mineral supplements.

BB2 Enhance is the corn/feed super supplement. Like every BIG&J product, it’s a long-range attractant thanks to the powerful aroma. But this concentrated attractant, which is designed to put into your feeders to supplement corn or feed, also features two exclusive ingredients. First are two key amino acids, methionine and lysine (called limiting amino acids), which we call “protein boosters”. The second are organic chelated trace minerals which can be absorbed throughout a much larger portion of the deer’s gut. Bottom line — your deer get more of what they really need!

  • Concentrated granular attractant supercharges corn or pellets
  • Fortified with exclusive protein-boosting amino acids that help deer realize full benefit of protein
  • Features organic chelated trace minerals that are far more absorbable
  • Offers all-season attraction; maintains deer health during winter, post-rut

Price: $24.99